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V A L U E  B U I L D E R

Much more than just
a Virtual PA

Why use Mischief Managed:

As a Virtual Based company, you have the security of knowing that we are set up for working with our amazing customers offsite and online for any needs they require. At this difficult time of coping with various challenges with the current economic situation and the need for small business to have better support, Mischief Managed is the perfect solution for both on-going needed services to once-off projects because we can offer flexible solutions and packages suited to your specific needs and budget.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Basic Debtors
  • invoicing, following up payments,
    sending statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Uploading and reconciling
    bank statements
  • Newsletters
  • Design and Layout, updating
    mailing lists
  • Diary Management
  • Administration
  • Email Management
  • Online Filing and file management
  • One to One and Group Training Available for various applications

Hello! I’m Candice

I started at MSC in 2001 and climbed a very long ladder through the ranks. Eventually, I realised that my heart was not in it anymore and I wanted to have a bigger and better positive impact on the people around me. In October 2017 I launched Mischief Managed because I realised that there is such a big gap in the Small Business space when it comes to Administration and I knew, I could bring that experience to these business owners and help them achieve their goals and Plans, by having the privilege of working side-by-side with them with more cost-effective solutions and packages than full-time staff employment. Simply put, having Mischief Managed working with you is like a having an off-site PA on Steroids. Mischief Managed offers a wide range of services specific to the needs of their clients and in 2019 I was very proud to be 1 of the 15 Finalists for Global Woman of Purpose (GWOP), Business Woman of the year awards. Mischief Managed was the winner of the category, “Emerging Business”, of which I am so very proud to have achieved in just 2 years of business. This was the reason for me moving into the future by introducing one of my first goals, my Workshops


Our Online Solutions for the workshops is our next step to helping Business Owners and their staff be able to learn in the comfort of their home or desk. Offering various training from personally designed application training to group training for the everyday processes and skills to better perform and manage workflow.

To find out more, contact
or visit our workshop page for more of an overview.

The Workshops we offer are designed for Business Owners to either learn how to get their business running online or train new, young members to their team that require administration skills to help boost the business and take away the stress of training from the already busy team members in the business.

Workshop – Module 1
= Communication Skills

Workshop – Module 2
= Basic Administration